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How to achieve your dreams by Esuki Ralph

In our country today there are lot of talented young boys and girs,men and women…who during their young age wished to be Doctors,nurses,Enginners,pilots and so on
But later on you will find out that they left their dreams to flame off…not because they feel like or they want to
Is just because of some factors which i would like to explain below
The first factor is :- POVERTY

Poverty as we all know means lack of appropriate facilities
Once you are poor,you wont be able to achieve your dream because you lack the capital for your upbringing
2.Dream Apathy

The very day you begin to lack intrest or have double mind about your dreams,that day your downfall begins and if you dont realize it
It fans off
3.Advices from Friends and peer influence

Actually your friends are among those who determine your future and say who you will be tommorow.But unfortunately friends of nowadays wants our downfall instead of rising
Now the secret is ….#Dont listen to them# move forward and achieve your goals
So friends…these are the steps you are to follow to make and achieve your dreams
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