Quote On I Will Know What Am To Know

Returns Of Apprehension
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Quote On I Will Know What Am To Know

The stereotype of life is ironical,
The factual appearance of reality is classical,
I noticed my friends having grudges against me,
Then I wonder:what happened to me?

I sit to give a sight of my past,
I learnt I’m ignorant of incidence in the past,
Not just because I’m a silent,
But because I realised my gradient.

Not all friends are of course,
You can’t place all trust in cross,
You’ll feed on what they want you to know,.
They’ll tell you about them and remains all you know.

I can’t breath-in at the sight of annoyance,
You’ll have a friend,all you’ll notice is arrogance,
I feed my self with what I need,
*Peace* noticed i changed when I was asked to lead.

*Blessing* nurtured me just as a son,
When I wake up,my face fits bright like the aun,
I took *Temi* just as a friend,
He’s more like a mentor then I had to blend.

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Taking of prayers and love,then I have my *Jude*
Most importantly,the creator of my first seductive lude,
That was her,she appraised my talent,
If you know *Ada* then you’ll see the gods of maleficent.

These are my first reality of friendship,
I realised my worth while in the circle of kinship,
They made my days awesome and lovely,
Then I built my future on a rock firmly.

I don’t settle with what I was fed to know,
I seek knowledge to know why I’m bound to know,
Don’t be surprised when I write an epistle about you,
Because your definition is something all about you!

I can’t sit with levity of anxiousness,
I reside with love of greatness,
I sought to build my future with peace,
I rely on that and I see that as my lease.


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